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A well planned hardscape works in many ways to enhance the enjoyment your family gets out of your home. Whether you need a private tranquil oasis nearby to retreat to throughout the day, a space built to gather with family and friends for years to come, or both, the fun for us begins immediately as we imagine the possibilities for each unique site and client.  We love new ideas and challenges as both expand our knowledge of the trade.  We love art for the sake of art and we try to connect with our clients and deliver a finished product that will bring enjoyment for many, many years to come.

We design and install custom water features, hardscapes, and artistic accents built from an array of natural and man-made products.. Although we are based out of the greater Akron area in Ohio, our work here is seasonal and we are are always willing to travel.    (Please contact Ben Mergenov for further information)   We take great pride in our installations and have worked hard to create elegant functional hardscapes that mimic elements of nature with great authenticity.

Artistic Water Feature

& Hardscape Installation


Although we work on the fringe of a competitive industry that is driven to focus on mass production, we approach our work as artistic craftsmen.

We enjoy paying attention to fine detail while we work.  For us, it is usually among these easily overlooked details where we find the unique opportunities to turn each project into what we consider functional art.  

The allowance for this creative expression not only makes the work fulfilling to ourselves, but often enables us to give our work a slightly spicier flavour than what is often found in our industry.  

We are passionate about stone

Let us share our craft with you!


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“To have the sense of creative activity is the great happiness and the great proof of being alive”

Matthew Arnold

“Originality is nothing but Judicious imitation.”


“Design is more than just a few tricks to the eye. It’s a few tricks to the brain..”


“A good design is driven by needs and defined by constraints.”







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Hardscape creations

Irregular or Dimensional cut flagstone patios, pathways, natural or cut stone steps, entrances, retaining walls, fire pits, privacy screens, and more…

Water features / koi ponds

Finely ‘tuned’ water features (ponds or pondless,  built from carefully selected stone which is gently handled to preserve moss, lichen, and finish.

Artistic accents

Custom tailored  accents include but are not limited to benches, signs, privacy screens, fire pits,  and arches crafted from varying combinations of stone, steel, wood, and imagination.


Stone Worker , Camera Man


Stone Whisperer, Owner

Our gallery pages are temporarily under construction and will be updated with additional content soon.  We hope you enjoy our work and that it inspires you to think creatively when it comes to planning your own space!. Thanks for your interest in DriftStone Llc!


DriftStone LLC

Cuyahoga Falls, OH


Original Hardscapes


Natural & Organic finds.


Background images & Portfolio images by: Nature

Original Hardscapes using natural and organic finds.

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